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HTI 795 et 900

HTI’s Acoustic Tags offer the world’s highest resolution and range available. Options include the Predation Detection Acoustic Tag (PDAT) for conclusively determining predation events for survival studies. HTI’s 795- and 900-Series are ideal for monitoring fish in freshwater environments. HTI’s 900-Series Predation Detection Acoustic Tag (PDAT) is designed to detect fish predation events. All tag types support PIT Tag inclusion for detection of tagged fish outside of water or after the battery life of an acoustic tag study. Why 307 kHz frequency? Results from extensive testing show that 307 kHz is ideal for freshwater the environment. All HTI Acoustic Tags provide an efficient means for detecting fish presence and/or remotely tracking fish in 2D and 3D in fine-scale resolution up to 20 centimeters and can be detected and identified at extensive ranges of up to 1 kilometer.

Télémétrie acoustique
  Récepteur HTI 290

The Model 290 Acoustic Tag Receiver offers a cost-effective means of remotely tracking fish in three dimensions with sub-meter position resolution. Our Model 795- and 900-series Acoustic Tags offer several advanced capabilities. Each Model 290 Acoustic Tag Receiver supports up to 16 hydrophones, receiving and storing tag detections for each hydrophone. Resulting tag positions are plotted in three dimensions so the user can observe the movement of each tracked fish.

Télémétrie acoustique
  Récepteur HTI 291

The Model 291 Portable Acoustic Tag Receiver is a portable 12 VDC version of the desktop Model 290 Acoustic Tag Receiver. Designed specifically for tracking fish tagged with Model 795/900 Acoustic Tags, the portable Model 291 System provides virtually all of the functions of the Model 290 Acoustic Tag Receiver in a compact, economic, four-hydrophone package operating on 12 VDC.

Télémétrie acoustique
  Récepteur HTI 305

Designed specifically for mobile acoustic tag surveys, the Model 305 Mobile Tag System provides a simplified method for detection and identification of tagged fish. Using an omni-directional or directional hydrophone, and the MobileTag software, the system simultaneously detects and identifies tagged fish in real-time while recording the boat's GPS positions in mobile surveys. Acoustic tag signals and GPS positions can be displayed on a Geo-Referenced map image. In the image above, the green track is the boat's GPS positions and the red and blue dots indicate the location of detected and identified tagged fish.System is contained in a customized Pelican case to allow easy movement and operation between multiple vessel platforms. Internal rechargeable battery provides up to 18 hours of operation on a single charge.

Télémétrie acoustique
  Enregisteur HTI 395

The Model 395 is our smallest data logger at 0.68 kg (1.5 lb) and comes with 2 GB of internal data storage. Minimal
power consumption (2.5 watts) allows for ≈20 days of life at 100 amp-hr with one 12 VDC battery. The Model 395
can be used for fixed surveys in a stand-alone kit with option for remote access via optional cell modem/WiFi.
The data logger is the shore-based component of the system which incorporates a Model 590 hydrophone and
Model 690 hydrophone cable, the in-water components.






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